There are few things as exciting as moving into a new apartment. With a new space, new routines, new places to go, new friends, and new sights to see, you’re starting a fresh chapter in your life. And decorating that new space is so much fun! 

Despite how enjoyable it is to decorate, sometimes people don’t know where to add that personal touch to make their new apartment feel like home. But feeling at home in your apartment is vital, so here are our best tips for doing just that.

Use Some Elbow Grease

First things first: give your apartment a deep and thorough clean. Declutter, throw any garbage away, and give all surfaces a good scrub. With your apartment now a clean, blank canvas, you can clearly see where your apartment could use that personal touch. 

Get the Lighting Just Right

Have you ever stepped into a poorly lit room and felt sluggish and even down? Lighting, whether good or bad, can affect your mood in many ways. While insufficient lighting can contribute to depression, better lighting can actually help people feel more energized. If the lighting in your space is a little off, experiment with lamps that help you feel relaxed or alert—whatever the situation calls for.

Get Those Sentimental Items Out

Once you have the new place clean and the lighting is just right, get out the sentimental pictures and items that give you warm fuzzies. Doing this will really give your apartment that personal touch as you see familiar memories all around. 

Spritz a Scent You Love

Speaking of memory, smell is a powerful way to remember positive emotions and events. Is there a scent that helps you feel calm or happy? Go to the store and look through the air fresheners to find the smells that help you feel great. Spritz your home regularly, and you’ll feel a difference!

Throw Yourself a Housewarming Party

Even if you aren’t finished setting everything up the way you want it, consider hosting a get-together when it is advisable to do so. If you can’t wait, give your friends a virtual tour of your new place! Having people you care about see your home makes it feel more like yours.

The sooner you’re all settled in, the sooner you can feel at home in your apartment. So try these tips and see the transformation!